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Dexter Vended Laundry Equipment

 Cabinet Hardmount Vended Washer 20lb-120lb Capacity
 Cabinet Hardmount Vended Express Washer 20lb-90lb Capacity
Stack Dryer Vended 20lb, 30lb & 50lb Capacity
Single Pocket Dryer Vended 30lb-120lb Capacity
Stack Washer/Dryer Vended 20lb, 30lb & 50lb Capacity

Cloud Based Management System allows real time analytics and is paired with DexterPay for secure payment through phone app.

The world is changing and your customers are looking for more payment options, but the options that are more convenient for them are usually more complicated and expensive for you. Now you can easily transform your laundry with an option that satisfies you both – DexterPay!